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Over half of online consumers report that buying a product in their native language is more important than the price.


Nearly 3/4 of consumers report that they spend most or all of their time on applications and websites in their own language.

Sign up today, localize Shopify in as little as minutes.

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Get Started in Minutes

Installing Localize is quick and easy. Once you’ve copied and pasted the code, refresh your Shopify site and Localize will pull all of the text content from your site into your dashboard – ready to translate.


Translate Your Way

Choose between using your own in-house translators, automating Machine Translations, or ordering high-quality translations from one of our Language Service Providers whom have translators that specialize in ecommerce translation.


Keep Up With Your Content

Localize automatically detects when you change your content on Shopify and will pull in the new content to be translated into your dashboard.

Expanding global reach with Localize

Trusted by leading companies across a spectrum of industries. If you've got a global vision, we'll help get you there.

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How it Works


Install Localize into your Shopify theme’s code to translate your web and product pages.


Add your new supported languages to your Responsive Checkout Cart and install the Localize code for Checkout.


Next, refresh all of your pages and then go to the “Phrases” section of Localize; choose how you’ll translate your content, and then publish!

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