Localize for Startups Program

Discounted Localization for Young Companies

Localize for Startups is a program designed to provide your startup with discounted resources to take your company international. By leveraging our low cost, easy to use platform – reaching your global audience is easier than you think.

Our Offer

Receive 50% off any Starter, Growth, or Business plan for 6 months.


Startups that meet the following criteria can apply for the program:

An approved VC fund, Accelerator, or Incubator

Pre-Series A

Less than 15 employees

Apply for the Program

Step 1

To claim this offer, create an account if you don’t already have one by starting a free trial at https://localizejs.com/signup.

Step 2

Contact support by either emailing us at support@localizejs.com and referencing this offer, or by simply filling out the form below: